Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing: The Definitive Biography Of A Comedy Legend

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The first ever intimate portrait of Britain’s best-loved, but little known, comedy entertainer

Fully authorised, and written by Cooper s friend and colleague John Fisher.More than just a comedian, Tommy Cooper was a born entertainer

He could never accept the accolades that came so thick and fast from every direction, and died to the sounds of laughter that he never really believed.Supplementing his own intimate knowledge with material accessed for the first time from the archives of Cooper's agent and manager, Miff Ferrie, and with the full co-operation of the Cooper family, John Fisher's warm, honest and insightful writing skilfully brings alive the man behind the comedic mask in this definitive biography of a comedy legend.

John Fisher was Cooper's friend and colleague and witnessed first-hand the moments of self-doubt and inadequacy that contrasted with the genial exterior

Until his tragic death on live television in 1984, Tommy Cooper lived in constant fear of the day he would be found out by his audience

Working in a golden age of British comedy, Cooper stood literally head and shoulders above the crowd, and had a magical talent for humour that defied description.But there was a man behind the laughter that few people saw

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